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Cutify™ Smart Window Cleaning Robot
Cutify™ Smart Window Cleaning Robot
Cutify™ Smart Window Cleaning Robot
Cutify™ Smart Window Cleaning Robot

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Cutify™ Smart Window Cleaning Robot

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Do you want to keep your windows squeaky clean without having to put the work in? ✨

The Ultimate Window Cleaner.
With our Smart Window Cleaning Robot, you can forever forget about cleaning your high-rise windows manually! Simply stick the robot to the glass surface, and watch it do the job for you! 🪟

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The robot will automatically create 5600pa of suction, start spraying water, and slowly glide across the window to get rid of any smudges & dirt. All you need to do is to wash the microfiber cleaning pads after each use!

Electric Window Vacuum Cleaner Robot – The Life Taste

Solve Cleaning Headaches Forever.

The device will map the window and detect all corners, but if it misses any spots, you can use the Bluetooth remote control to guide it yourself.

It runs for up to 120 minutes before charging and will alert you 20 minutes before the suction fails. It stores up to 55ml of water for continuous use - having all your windows crystal-clear has never been easier! 🧽

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Don't like it? We will give you your money back.
  • Make window cleaning effortless!
  • Smart, set & forget design.
  • Suitable for windows, tiles, floors & more!
  • Cleans 1 sq. meter in 4 minutes!
  • Up to 120 minutes of battery life.
  • Comes with remote control, safety cable & extra 10 microfiber pads!
  • Extra 1-Year Warranty included.
  • Not available in stores!