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Cutify™ LED Galaxy Night Light
Cutify™ LED Galaxy Night Light
Cutify™ LED Galaxy Night Light
Cutify™ LED Galaxy Night Light

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Cutify™ LED Galaxy Night Light

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Want to transform your room into a galaxy and create a magical atmosphere? ✨

Starry Nights On Demand.
With our LED Galaxy Night Light, you can make the relaxing time before going to bed that much more enjoyable! The device works both as a 360-degree projector, and a Bluetooth speaker!

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Fill your room with a breathtaking light projection, that is slowly going to cycle through various colors and patterns. Using it to fall asleep? Use the auto-off timer to let the light fade and turn off automatically!

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The perfect room decoration.

Choose from up to 16 different modes, that can play various white noises (waves, campfire, rain...) so you can get a full night of amazing rest! Sync it to your phone, and watch the projector move to the sound of the beat!

Add it to any kid's room, and turn bedtime into a fun & exciting experience. Our Night Light will turn any dark room into a secure sanctuary with a click of a button!

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Don't like it? We will give you your money back.
  • The ultimate all-in-one night lamp!
  • Transform your room into a galaxy.
  • It creates a soothing atmosphere that helps you sleep better!
  • Features a built-in Bluetooth speaker.
  • USB-rechargeable.
  • Perfect addition to any child's room!
  • Over 16 different lighting modes.
  • Not available in stores!