Cobblestone Bathroom Mat - Cutify
Cutify™ Cobblestone Bathroom Mat
Cutify™ Cobblestone Bathroom Mat
Cutify™ Cobblestone Bathroom Mat
Cobblestone Bathroom Mat - Cutify

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Cutify™ Cobblestone Bathroom Mat

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Step out of your shower into a cozy, water-absorbant mat that looks stylish! 🛀

Perfect For Any Bathroom.
With our new Cobblestone Bathroom Mat, you never have to worry about slipping when coming out of your shower! The mat is constructed from premium microfiber, and it can absorb any water that gets onto it in seconds.

Cobblestone Embossed Bathroom Mat – BaddiefulLotus
Held down by a strong adhesion, the mat will never move out of place and cause an injury. It features a subtle, embossed design with dimensions (20"x40") that fit absolutely any bathroom!

Cobblestone Bath Mat™️ – Mooska

Easy To Clean & Maintain.

Unlike other mats, ours can simply be machine-washed, dried, and reused as many times as you want! After it gets fully soaked with water, it does not smell and dries up fast by itself.

It can also be used as a little rug in your hallway, and it truly has countless other uses. Let it transform your bathroom today! 🚿

Bathroom Bath Mat,Cobblestone Embossed Non-Slip Carpets In Wash Basin  Bathtub Side Floor Rug Shower Room Doormat Memory Foam Pad Gift for Family  2022 - US $17.99

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  • The ultimate bathroom mat!
  • It absorbs water easily.
  • Can be machine-washed & dried!
  • Dimensions: 20"x40" - 50x100cm.
  • Adhesive, anti-slip design.
  • Made out of premium microfiber cloth.
  • Not available in stores!